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Company News

October 01, 2001 : Amb-Trans is now capable of transporting Patients with Ventilators.  Amb-Trans provides Ventilators during the transports if needed or we can utilize the Patients existing Ventilators.  The choice is yours.

This is Considered a Specialized Service

October 12, 2001 : Amb-Trans Employees are now Identified by Picture ID Badges consisting of the Employee's Name, Picture, Company Position, Certification Level.  All ID Badges will bear the United States Great Seal followed by the State of Texas Seal, The Texas Department of Health Logo, The Star of Life, and finally the Amb-Trans Logo.                           IdBadge.jpg (17264 bytes)

October 25, 2001 : Amb-Trans sets up In-House Training for all its employees with our Medical Director (Dr. Robert Williamson) allowing Amb-Trans Employees to be trained in Specialized Services above and beyond normal Medic Training.

September 2002 : Amb-Trans adds its first Long Distance Shuttle Van (Lay down stretcher service for non- emergency statewide transport service)

July 2003 : Amb-Trans adds 2 new Type III ambulances to its fleet

December 2003 : Amb-Trans changes it color scheme for all Vehicles to Orange and White

July 2004 : Amb-Trans adds a new Wheelchair Van to its fleet

2005 : Amb-Trans increases all Employee Pay to be the highest paid Medics in the private industry.

2006 : Amb-Trans initiates the "San Antonio Private EMS Organization"

March 2007: Amb-Trans establishes a Formal Marketing Team

2008 : Amb-Trans purchases 3 new Ambulances & 2 new Wheelchair Vans

2009: Stryker Stretchers are here